The value of peer input cannot be overstated. The Security Current community’s peer-driven resources are led by CISOs who ask the questions that are top of mind to security, risk and privacy professionals.

CISOs Investigate replaces the ad hoc, often information and time-consuming process of personally gathering peer insight. It is an ongoing series authored by leading CISOs who offer first-hand insights to security peers as they make business-driven technology decisions.

Security Current podcasts are led by CISOs who discuss with their colleagues the issues they face and how they are responding. These informative and valuable conversations provide security, risk and privacy professionals a view to what their colleagues perspectives. The CISOs also speak with innovative solution providers on what they are experiencing in the field.

Security Current solution provider white papers and webinars are unique in that they are CISO-driven. The white papers are written and vetted by top enterprise security executives to ensure that they are answering the business and technology questions unique to their peers. As is all content created by Security Current, solution provider webinars are CISO driven with the enterprise security, privacy and risk professionals hosting, moderating and leading the discussion.

Greg Schaffer
FirstBank Former CISO, and lead writer CISOs Investigate: UBA

“CISOs Investigate: UBA is unlike other security research reports. Written by CISOs for our CISO peers, its core components provide a thorough assessment of UBA technology and the market, while use cases highlight the unique considerations across multiple industry verticals. Security leaders will find this report to be a peer-driven buyer’s guide that provides unmatched value.”

Bob Turner
University of Wisconsin-Madison CISO, and lead writer CISOs Investigate: Endpoint Security

“In the new age of cyberattacks, endpoint devices are the frontline. Traditional antivirus protections are no longer enough. Enterprises of all sizes, and all industry segments, are now looking for better solutions. In CISOs Investigate: Endpoint Security, my CISO peers and I examine the new tools we have at our disposal and we review the business requirements that went or are going into making our technology decisions. We also look at how well the solutions worked in practice and we offer advice to peers facing similar problems.”

Roota Almeida
Delta Dental of NJ CISO

“As CISOs we rely on our peer community when navigating security, risk and privacy issues.  The more information we can glean from one another in a less ad hoc and more formal setting, the more effective we can be. Security Current’s inaugural salary survey is yet another data point they derived directly from our community and not third parties. Security Current’s differentiated approach – going right to the source – is invaluable and I look forward to seeing future surveys and research reports featuring peer insights on the issues that impact us.”