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Security Current improves the way security, privacy and risk executives
collaborate to protect their organizations and their information.

Security Current features its Security Shark Tank®, CISO insights, peer-driven research, analysis, practical advice, and facilitates discussion. Its CISO-driven proprietary content and Security Shark Tank® and CISOs Connect events provide insight, actionable advice and analysis giving executives the latest information to make knowledgeable decisions. Its goal is to consolidate and leverage the expertise of leading security professionals to provide quality original peer written content and spark and facilitate thoughtful discussion on issues and developments that impact organizations worldwide.

CISOs Connect

CISOs Connect™ is an exclusive membership-only interactive community of trusted cyber peers and subject matter experts. Connected by common interests, this community allows cyber experts to share knowledge and expertise through proprietary content, research, and analysis while exchanging information, ideas and collaborating with trusted colleagues to make informed business and technology decisions.

CISOs Connect™ is part of Security Current™, known for its Security Shark Tank® and is lauded for its CISO driven content, knowledge sharing, and community. It is purpose-built and led by the top CISOs in North America.

CISOs Connect™ is excited to announce the release of the second Spotlight Edition of the CISOs Connect™ Magazine, celebrating the journeys of cybersecurity professionals in CISO roles and those who have transitioned to adjacent paths with startups, VCs and elsewhere in the C-suite.

Read the February 2024 CISO Spotlight Edition here

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