Founded by veteran journalist and IT network security marketing executive Aimee Rhodes, and guided by leading security executives, Security Current® improves the way security, privacy and risk executives collaborate to protect their organizations and their information.

Security Current® features its Security Shark Tank®, CISO insights, peer-driven research, analysis, practical advice, and facilitates discussion. Its CISO-driven proprietary content and Security Shark Tank® and CISOs Connect™ events provide insight, actionable advice and analysis giving executives the latest information to make knowledgeable decisions.

Its goal is to consolidate and leverage the expertise of leading security professionals to provide quality original peer written content and spark and facilitate thoughtful discussion on issues and developments that impact organizations worldwide.


About CISOs Connect™

Professional development and networking are crucial elements of a CISO’s career arc. CISOs Connect™, an exclusive, invitation-only community of chief information security officers, was founded to address those needs.

Membership in CISOs Connect™ offers an array of benefits that can’t be found elsewhere. Our peer-driven original research, analysis and professional commentary offer exceptional value-added content. In-person events and online sessions offer a marketplace of ideas.

Our partnerships with leading social media experts and executive recruiters give you an opportunity to build your company’s brand, your brand and promote your career. We have an executive compensation expert on our board as an adviser. Members are encouraged to position themselves as thought leaders by blogging on our CISOs Connect™ and Security Current® sites, and our Spotlights profile top industry executives.

CISOs Connect™ C100 Award is a leading industry recognition paying tribute to 100 preeminent security leaders across the U.S. and Canada. And as technological tools proliferate, we help members try to winnow out the best of the best with our CISO Choice Awards, which recognizes key leaders in technology and business categories.

As an organization that gives back, CISOs Connect™ places great importance on mentoring and sharing expertise with rising cybersecurity professionals, in the interest of further securing and protecting organizations in the U.S. and worldwide.