Chief Information Security Officers Praise Baffle for Innovation, Ease of Use and Value to Industry

TENAFLY, NJ – Security Current™ today announced that advanced database security firm Baffle won Security Current’s Security Shark Tank® Chicago.

In the Security Shark Tank® providers come face-to-face with CISOs seeking innovative solutions. Each provider is given 15 minutes to pitch their solution in a rapid-fire question and answer session where they are scored based on innovation and vision, ease of use and implementation, value to the industry and its presenter’s ability to clearly and effectively articulate their solution and its business value.

The host and moderator was higher education CISO Bob Turner.

“The Security Shark Tank® is a one-of a kind event,” CISO Bob Turner said. “It is led by the CISOs, with my peers selecting the vendor presenters to ensure their relevance and innovation. The ability to hear in real-time my colleagues’ questions and potential concerns, and the vendor responses, make it extremely valuable in sourcing new technologies.”

The panel included:

Brad Schaufenbuel, CISO, Paylocity
Erik Hart, CISO, Cushman Wakefield
Fred Kwong, CISO, Delta Dental Plan Association
Jack Burback, Deputy CISO, Wintrust Financial
Jasper Ossentjuk, CISO, TransUnion
Jill Rhodes, CISO, Option Care
Paul VanAmerongen, CISO, UW Health
Richard Latayan, CISO, Hollister
Ralston Simmons, CISO, William Blair
Thomas Murphy, CISO, Northwestern University

“As CISOs our time is one of our most valuable assets and we are very careful how we opt to spend it. The market is flooded with events but Security Current’s Security Shark Tank® is bar none one of the best around and time well spent sourcing interesting new technologies while hearing the views of my peers,” Jack Burback, Deputy CISO, Wintrust Financial. “I want to specifically congratulate the winner Baffle, which was an ideal vendor as its approach is forward thinking and cutting edge. I look forward to hearing more from Baffle and the vendors who’ll be pitching at the Security Shark Tank® during the RSA Conference in February.”

Baffle was founded to battle the increasing threats to enterprise assets in public and private clouds. It provides an advanced data protection solution that safeguards data in memory, in process and at-rest to reduce insider threat and data theft risk. Its solution goes beyond legacy encryption to truly close gaps in the data threat model.

“Congratulations to Baffle. They are delivering the right solution, at the right time, and apparently at an affordable cost,” Turner said.

“Security Current’s Security Shark Tank® was an incredibly valuable use of my time.  My peers and I had the opportunity to learn about five leading edge cybersecurity solutions and ask the founders and officers of the companies that created them tough questions we might not be able to in any other forum. I look forward to the next,” said Bradley Schaufenbuel, VP and CISO, Paylocity.