Deploying technology goes beyond a simple installation process; it involves intricate configuration and integration into an organization’s technical and organizational framework. However, in cases where products are abundant, overly complex, and over-engineered, extracting value from them becomes a challenging endeavor.

SDG Corp., a provider of information technology and security consulting, risk management, and technology solutions, built the TruOps platform to address the many gaps it found when servicing clients to address their regulatory compliance and risk management needs.

“Many of our clients had extensive and varied systems, along with diverse information sources, and faced difficulties in consolidating their information. This posed challenges in achieving a comprehensive understanding of their security, risk, and compliance posture, making cyber risk management an overly complex task,” said Ajay Gupta, SDG’s Chief Executive Officer.

Gupta added, “We realized that the inefficient tasks and various products we were using could be improved upon. This prompted us to develop and build TruOps as a dedicated SaaS, cloud cyber risk management platform. TruOps provides a unified dashboard – a single pane of glass – for all security, risk, and compliance data.”

The TruOps compliance and cyber risk management software platform enables organizations to view, identify, and mitigate regulatory risk, insider threats, and external threats by unifying traditionally siloed risk functions into a comprehensive risk operations center. 

“We mitigate regulatory risk by digitizing and automating GRC workflows involved in risk, compliance, and third-party management,” explained Gupta. “TruOps addresses insider threats through its integration with identity and access management systems such as SailPoint, while external threats are managed through integration with products such as patch management and vulnerability management systems. We are then able to present a consolidated view of control efficacy – deficient or missing controls – in the context of asset criticality. This gives clients a view of their most significant risks, out of the numerous alerts and incidents generated from the various controls systems deployed across their network.” 

The technology risk director at a $30 billion+ bank praised TruOps’ “real collaboration from beginning to end” and “true value for money.”

“It’s completely user focused, able to satisfy the most complex requirements. They are always collaborative to understand the need behind a request, hence being able to satisfy the real ask.”

While TruOps’ initial client was a $40 billion bank, today, TruOps has a sweet spot for organizations that require a multi-tenant environment and organizations looking for an efficient way to digitize, scale, and mature their risk and compliance management operations.

Over the past year, SDG has been working on integrating generative artificial intelligence (AI) within TruOps, and is now launching Clark, an intelligent AI-based module that makes requesting, interpreting, reporting, and viewing compliance gaps, organizational security, and third-party technology risk effortless. Gupta says, “Clark is going to be a force multiplier for clients.”

“Clark delivers real-time, meaningful risk insights and will free up an organization’s time and resources to focus on activities aimed at reducing risk instead of transactional activities,” he said. “With a click, clients can ask Clark where they are at risk, and TruOps will give them recommendations. So, it’s extremely powerful and super exciting.”

Gupta takes pride in the company’s emphasis on customer success, and in 2023, TruOps won the CISO Choice Awards in both the Risk Management and Partner in Success categories, honoring TruOps’ commitment to addressing and resolving security threats in a dynamic landscape and helping CISOs and their teams meet their organizations’ current and emerging needs. As clients continue to move their data and systems to the cloud, Gupta looks forward to watching Clark transform the speed and ease with which clients gather, report, and respond to their organization’s risk, security, and compliance postures.