Security Current is proud to announce a call for nominations for the inaugural CISO Choice Awards™ 2020, a first of its kind awards as a Board of CISO Judges select security companies based on real-world perspectives.

The CISO Choice Awards will recognize the leaders in key technology and business categories. The winning security companies will receive the industry’s first CISO Board validation.

Following are the categories (click for a description and information on the submission fee.

You may submit to multiple categories, each with their own fee):



Visionary Vendor

Premier Security Company

Startup Security Company

COVID-19 Pivot

Partner in Success



Network Security

Endpoint Security

Data Security

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Fraud Prevention

Threat Intelligence

Deception Technology

Email Security

Security Analytics

IoT Security

Application Security

Cloud Security Solution

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)

Risk Management (Can include 3rd and 4th party)

SIEM Solution

Vulnerability Management

Security Operations

Security Education/Training



If I win what do I get?

The Visionary Security Vendor wins a virtual Security Shark Tank – a value of $6500 – which has  CISOs from the Board of Judges take part in a rapid-fire back and forth Q&A with the winner so their CISO peers and prospects can hear what they do, how they do it differently and why they were selected.

Winners of the Premier Security Company, Start-up Security Company, COVID-19 Pivot Award and Partner in Success Award each receive a podcast with a CISO judge to discuss what they do and how they do it differently.

All winners receive promotion in a press release, on Security Current and in the exclusive CISOs Connect Community as well as across social media. The winners also receive a graphic to use to promote their win.

Who can submit?

Security, privacy and risk vendors, MSSPs can submit directly or via their PR/marketing firms. VCs also can submit on behalf of their investments.

How do I submit my entry(ies)?

The Board of Judges’ questions can be found in the Entry Kit on pages 5&6.

Responses should be emailed to

Is there a fee to submit?
Yes. Your fees help fund the awards. The fees which increase with each deadline.

Can I pay now and submit later?

Yes. You can remit payment and submit prior to the deadline (regular, late and final).

Can I submit to multiple categories?
Yes. You can submit to as many categories as are relevant.

Will the customer references be made public or for the use of the judges?

Customer references are solely for the use of the judges.

I don’t have customer references what should I do?

If you are less than two years old this requirement is waived.

When are the 2020 CISO Choice Awards winners going to be announced?

The winners will be made public in November 2020.