Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) select malware genome mapping innovator ROMAD Cyber Systems for vision and importance to the industry


Security Current, the premier information and collaboration community by CISOs for CISOs, named ROMAD Cyber Systems the winner of its Security Shark Tank® Cupertino competition. The event brought security solution providers face-to-face with potential buyers.

Participating vendors were given 15 minutes each to pitch their solution to the panel of information security executives interested in innovative technologies. The executives scored each vendor based on innovation and vision, ease of use and implementation, value to the industry, and the presenter’s ability to clearly and effectively articulate their value and differentiator.

Maxim Integrated CISO Matt Hollcraft served as event host and panel moderator.

The CISO panel included:

Tom Baltis, VP & CISO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
JP Calderon, CISO, The Clorox Company
Neil Daswani, CISO, LifeLock
Robert Duhart, Cyber Security Lead, Ford Motor Company
Ajit Gaddam, Global Chief Information Security Architect, Visa
Anshu Gupta, Director of Information Security, HelloSign
Mike Machado, CSO, RingCentral
Vanessa Pegueros, CISO, DocuSign
Regina Wallace Jones, Head of Information Security Operations, Facebook

Participating CISOs said a key benefit of participating in the Security Shark Tank® was that it enabled them to engage with their peers as they learned about new technology.

“Security Shark Tank® is a huge value to me. No other event I’ve found provides this much exposure to new technologies so conveniently,” said Hollcraft. “Add the opportunity to hear from my CISO peers about what technology they find interesting and how they are using various solutions, and this event is an all-around win.”

DocuSign CISO Vanessa Pegueros added: “It is so challenging to find the time to talk with vendors. Security Shark Tank® is a great way to learn about new vendors while enjoying great interaction with peers.”

Security Shark Tank® winner ROMAD Cyber’s patented genome sequencing technology profiles entire malware families enabling users to detect emerging threats. CISOs rated ROMAD highest in the areas of innovation and vision, and the importance of the challenge the technology solves.

“ROMAD’s technology is pretty interesting and innovative. Being able to genetically sequence the entire malware ecosystem to 100 or so active malware families and corresponding genomes is definitely a strong ‘DETECT’ and ‘PROTECT’ control. Instead of looking at the app or network layer, it is looking to treat the entire host as a sandbox and tracing different OS system calls,” said Ajit Gaddam, Global Chief Information Security Architect for Visa. “As they continue to mature the platform, it will be interesting to see how it plays out in large corporate environments and determine its efficacy.”

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