CISO Delegation to Receive Access to Some of the ‘Startup Nation’s’ Most Compelling Security Technology

CISOs Connect™, an organization dedicated to the professional development of its exclusive community of chief information security officers, is going global with an inaugural trip to Israel, the epicenter of so many exciting cybersecurity innovations.

Uri Dromi, a confidant of legendary Israeli Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, will address the delegation of leading CISOs at a welcome dinner hosted by Noname Security that will kick off a week of unprecedented access to some of the most compelling technology in a country rightly dubbed the Startup Nation.

David Cass, the president of CISOs Connect and CISO at GSR, will lead the delegation which includes our CISO in residence Kevin McKenzie, our board member Endré Walls, and other CISOs such as:

Anthony Gonzalez, QBE CISO, North America
John HoytClemson University CISO
Joey Johnson, Premise Health CISO
Matt Lemon, Huawei CISO
Tomás Maldonado, NFL CISO
Brian Miller, Healthfirst CISO
Neda Pitt, Belk CISO
Anahi Santiago, ChristianaCare CISO

“As CISOs Connect seeks to expand its offerings to its community, giving our invitation-only membership access to exciting developments in cybersecurity is one of our paramount purposes,” said Aimee Rhodes, CEO, CISOs Connect. “Our aim is to provide our members with truly unique experiences and information, and with this inaugural trip to Israel, we will be introducing our delegation to a world of pioneering technology that can help to make their organizations safer and more secure.”

Top VC firms are also partnering with the delegation. YL Ventures will helm a roundtable discussion on the venture capital landscape and introduce the CISOs to its stealth companies. Greenfield Ventures will sponsor a sunset beach cocktail reception. SignalFire will host the delegation for a taste of Tel Aviv with a dinner.

OpenPolicy, a tech-enabled policy and advocacy company, will host the delegation for dinner in the Jerusalem mountains while Avalor, the data fabric for security that organizes security information and makes it actionable, will accompany the group on a food-tasting extravaganza of the Carmel Market.

Asset visibility and management have become crucial in a world of ever-increasing connectivity, and the delegation will visit the offices of Claroty, whose technology offers a holistic approach to industrial cybersecurity, and Armis, which became Israel’s biggest cybersecurity acquisition in 2020. Relationship-building on a personal level will continue at dinners they host.

The visit has been timed to coincide with Cyber Week Israel, CISOs Connect’s partner and one of the most important events on the global cybersecurity calendar. Delegation members will also speak at the conference. CISOs Connect also will hold at Cyber Week its signature Security Shark Tank with some of the trailblazers on Israel’s cyber scene: Cyber Convoy, Zero Networks, Onyxia, Rescana, Seal Security and Bright Security.

A gala dinner will cap a week of lifelong memories that cannot be reproduced in a corporate setting.

Because Israel itself is such a fascinating destination, the delegation will also be touring some of the sites that make the country a must-see: Jerusalem, with Cyber Convoy joining the delegation for a tour of the magical cradle of the three monotheistic religions; Masada, with Kiteworks joining the delegation for a visit to the dramatic mountain plateau where the final battle between the Romans and the Jews ended with a shocking discovery; and the Dead Sea, the legendary salt lake situated at the lowest point in the world. And last but not least, the delegation will be taking on Tel Aviv, Israel’s commercial and cultural hub, the center of its tech scene, and a world-renowned destination for both fine dining and street food.

Joining the delegation will be our partners Qnary, an executive reputation management and talent branding solutions company; attorney Daniel Garrie, the co-founder of Law & Forensics and a member of the board of the Legal Cyber Academy; and executive compensation expert, attorney Loretta Richard.

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