CISO Board of Judges Pays Tribute to Their US and Canadian Peers Who Protect Our Organizations and Give Back

CISOs Connect™, an exclusive CISO membership-only community of Security Current®, today opened nominations for its 2023 CISOs Top 100 CISOs (C100) awards and announced the Esteemed CISO Board of Judges that will select the recipients of this leading industry recognition, honoring the pre-eminent security leaders across the United States and Canada.

The C100 pays tribute to the achievements of an exceptional group of battle-tested Chief Information Security Officers who see paramount value in sharing the benefit of their experience with others in the industry, in the interest of safeguarding organizations in the US and worldwide.

What sets this award apart from other forms of industry recognition is the transparency of the process, with defined criteria for eligibility and a declared board of judges that will choose the winners. Nominations can be self-submitted or put forward by a third party. There is no fee. The submission deadline is April 17, 2023.

Key benchmarks for consideration include:

  • CISO or equivalent at an end-user enterprise or organization for at least five years
  • Involvement and leadership roles in professional organizations
  • Security-related volunteering and activism
  • Mentoring, educating and training future cybersecurity professionals across functions

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“At a time when the role of the CISO is becoming more visible and more valued, it is especially important for industry professionals to recognize the best among us who toil tirelessly to protect our institutions and pass on a legacy of giving back to the community,” said Endré Jarraux Walls, EVP Chief Operations & Technology Officer of Customers Bank. “The C100 awards bestow an esteem that is untainted by financial considerations or personal bias, making it an infinitely more significant and sought-after honor. Kudos to CISOs Connect for making this happen.”

The following industry leaders are serving on the Distinguished CISO Board:

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association VP & CISO Chris Lugo
Carnival Corporation Global CIO Devon Bryan
ChristianaCare CISO Anahi Santiago
CLEAR EVP & CISO Rick Patterson
CN CISO Vaughn Hazen
Customers Bank EVP Chief Operations & Technology Officer Endré Jarraux Walls
Driven Brands VP & CISO Kevin Morrison
First Quality Enterprises CISO Ariel Litvin
Marsh Global CISO Dan Bowden
McKesson SVP & Global CISO Michael McNeil
Otis Elevator VP & CISO Mario Memmo
Prologis VP, IT Governance & CISO Sue Lapierre

“It is an honor to serve on the Esteemed Board of Judges that will select this group of standout professionals,” said Sue Lapierre, VP, IT Governance and CISO of Prologis. “As longstanding security practitioners, we board members appreciate the formidable tasks CISOs face every day, and the relentless pressures they have to deal with. Those who summon even more dedication by sharing their expertise with others deserve special commendation for boosting the industry as a whole. That is the purpose of these awards: to celebrate the elite among us, so they may serve as examples to others.”

As a fundamental part of their mission to support and recognize the CISOs unceasing efforts to safeguard their enterprises and organizations globally, CISOs Connect™ partnered with the following organizations to make the C100 possible:

Black Kite
Forte Group
Mayfield Investments
Morgan Franklin Consulting

“The C100 Awards are an unparalleled opportunity for a select slate of CISOs to choose an elite group of colleagues for recognition,” said Paul Paget, CEO of Black Kite. “Awardees distinguish themselves not only by their professional prowess, but also by their commitment to giving back to their community.

“What makes these awards even more special is the unique transparency of the selection process and lack of commercial considerations. I am honored to have an opportunity to partner with CISOs Connect to bestow these well-deserved accolades to the C100 recipients.”

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