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Magazine Profiles the People Behind the Business-Critical Role

CISOs Connect™, an exclusive membership-only community, today announced the release of the inaugural Spotlight Edition of CISOs Connect Magazine, celebrating Chief Information Security Officers spearheading the war against ballooning cybercrime.

As cyber attacks proliferate and gain in sophistication across our increasingly connected globe, CISOs play an ever-more-critical role in safeguarding sensitive governmental, corporate and organizational data.


“With this first CISO Spotlight Edition of CISOs Connect Magazine, we are highlighting the people behind the role — what drives them, their visions of the future, and the unique culture of giving back that defines this professional community,” said Aimee Rhodes, the CEO of CISOs Connect.

While the job will vary from organization to organization, CISOs must all demonstrate a range of skills that include technical expertise, negotiating savvy, coolness under fire and an ability to anticipate the future. They must also be continuous learners in an ever-shifting threat landscape.

No longer simply data protection specialists with a narrow lens into security concerns, CISOs have evolved into a class of business leaders deeply conversant with how their organizations work so they can balance risks and threats to help stakeholders achieve their goals.

“It’s an honor to be featured in this inaugural edition of CISOs Connect’s Spotlight Edition, along with many other talented and devoted members of our industry,” said Dr. Garrett Smiley, Chief Information Security Officer at Serco. “It is a valuable service to shine a spotlight on those of us who do so much behind the scenes to protect our organizations and our nation’s security. The fascinating profiles you will read here address not only professional trajectories but also the passions that drive us in our personal lives, and the wide array of interests, hobbies and good deeds we pursue. It’s a unique community that has many exciting stories to tell.”

The CISO Spotlight Edition is available here.

Many of the industry professionals who appear in this issue are recipients of CISOs Connect’s Top 100 CISO (C100) awards, a leading industry peer recognition honoring the pre-eminent security leaders across the United States and Canada.

Earlier this month, CISOs Connect opened nominations for its 2023 C100 awards, which will pay tribute to the achievements of an exceptional group of security professionals who are also committed to sharing the benefit of their wisdom with others in the industry.

What distinguishes this award from other forms of industry recognition is that it is peers recognizing peers as well as having a transparent process. Criteria for eligibility are clearly defined, and a declared board of expert judges – themselves pre-eminent CISOs — will choose the winners. Nominations close April 17, 2023, with the winners to be announced May.

As a fundamental part of their mission to support and recognize the CISOs unceasing efforts to safeguard their enterprises and organizations globally, CISOs Connect™ partnered with the following organizations to make the inaugural CISO Spotlight Edition possible:

Black Kite
Forte Group 
Mayfield Fund 


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