Enterprise networks grow more complex by the day. With hundreds to thousands of firewall rules, devices and routers across on-premise and hybrid cloud environments, it is difficult to have visibility into the security policy change process. This complexity, combined with the increasing rate of change, leads to vulnerability in the network. In addition, business owners need to have applications provisioned quickly but have little consideration as to the security implications of their requests.

In this Tufin sponsored podcast, David Cass, the Global Partner, Cloud Security and FSS CISO at IBM, discusses with Sagi Bar-Zvi, Tufin’s Solution Architect for the Americas, the benefits to CISOs of automating security policy orchestration. The two talk about how it delivers agility while verifying change requests – sometimes hundreds per day – will not cause a security breach once made.

Mastercard is a technology company in the global payments industry which operates the world’s fastest payments processing network, connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories. Mastercard’s products and solutions make everyday commerce activities – such as shopping, traveling, running a business and managing finances – easier, more efficient and secure for everyone.

As Mastercard’s Executive Vice President and CISO, Ron Green is responsible for upholding that mission. In this podcast, Green, a security visionary responsible for both cyber and physical security, speaks with David Cass, Global Partner, Cloud Security and FSS CISO at IBM, about what Mastercard is doing to ensure the promise of security not only today but in the future. Green talks about new technologies and processes, what keeps him up at night, and he provides recommendations to his peers.


The endpoint is becoming the new edge of the business. As the doorway to your data, with more and more breaches getting in via the endpoint, it is turning into one of the weakest links for today’s business. It is critical that businesses can detect new, and real threats at the endpoint, and respond to those threats in near real-time.

However, with masses of data being generated and processed, being able to scale and respond effectively is getting harder. As you’ll hear in this SentinelOne sponsored podcast with CEO & Co-founder Tomer Weingarten and Maxim Integrated Chief Cyber Risk Officer Matt Hollcraft,  automation and machine learning are key components in being successful in protecting against today’s malware.


CISOs are increasingly looking to User Behavior Analytics (UBA) as a key security tool to help combat threats by identifying anomalous behavior.

According to the report, CISOs Investigate: UBA, authored by more than a dozen CISOs, by quickly providing actionable intelligence, UBA enables them to potentially reduce loss to their organizations by identifying and thwarting attacks earlier.

Feris Rifai, CEO of Bay Dynamics, a provider of analytics and UBA solutions, says CISOs are realizing that to effectively protect their organization they need to add a UBA component to their security arsenal.

In this sponsored podcast, Rifai and David Cass, the Global Partner, Cloud Security and FSS CISO at IBM, discuss what UBA offers and how it is helping organizations across industries.


Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud strategies. Despite this, adoption has been impacted in some cases due to cybersecurity concerns.

In this podcast, David Cass, the Global Partner, Cloud Security and FSS CISO at IBM reviews the state of cloud adoption and security with Mike Schuricht, Senior Director of Product Management at Bitglass.

The experts discuss how cloud is taking off and that despite security being a key concern, with the right protections and solutions in place, cloud can be highly secure.

In this Bitglass sponsored podcast, the two touch on critical control areas and what CISOs should take into account when adopting and maintaining a cloud strategy.

Premise Health is a leader in onsite health and wellness programs providing some 600 large employer sponsored employee clinics. With a highly distributed and regulated environment, Joey Johnson is responsible for all cybersecurity and information technology, compliance, audit and vendor risk management.

Johnson was just named the winner of the prestigious Information Security Executive® of the Year Award in the Southeast. In this podcast, Johnson speaks with David Cass, IBM Cloud & SaaS Global CISO, about Premise Health’s unique business model and how he uses proactive security and risk management to meet challenging security, compliance and audit demands.


The volume of threats and attacks most security teams face daily can leave them overworked and fatigued, operating in what DocuSign CISO Vanessa Pegueros has identified as level one trauma – a sort of cyber PTSD that can put organizations at risk.

In this podcast, Pegueros talks with David Cass, IBM Cloud & SaaS Global CISO, about her four-part series in Security Current that explores the human element of incident response and how CISOs can identify and resolve trauma in the organization. They also discuss the Board’s role in incident response and why being quick to fire after a breach may not always be the most effective approach.

The CISO increasingly has a seat in the boardroom, as the role is becoming more of the rule than the exception in enterprises.

During RSA Conference 2017, Marci McCarthy, President & CEO of T.E.N., sat down with David Cass, Global CISO IBM Cloud & SaaS, to discuss the continuing evolution of the information security industry.

McCarthy founded the prestigious ISE® Awards Program, which has helped elevate the role of security executives, who are recognized by their peers for their contributions and specific security projects. In this podcast, McCarthy provides insights into the profession and talks about the shortage of security personnel, the startup ecosystem and where the industry is headed.


The city of San Diego is a $4 billion business and it doesn’t shut down. As you’ll hear in this discussion between Gary Hayslip, the city’s CISO, and David Cass, Global CISO IBM Cloud and SaaS, San Diego is a smart city which is continuously rolling out new technologies to facilitate 'the business' while bolstering its security.

In this podcast, recorded during the RSA Conference, Hayslip talks about joining the city as its first CISO some three years ago and how he established a five-year-plan which leveraged established frameworks like the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to increase the security of the city and its 24 networks and 40 departments. The two also discuss ‘cloud first’ initiatives, resilient networks and the role of the CISO, which Hayslip provides practical guidance on with his book “A CISO Desk Reference Guide: A Practical Guide for CISOs.”


There has been an exponential adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) with experts predicting billions of IoT devices coming into use. And with the strategy more often than not being go to market and secure it later, enterprises are increasingly exposed to a variety of attacks.

As you’ll hear in this podcast with David Cass, Global CISO IBM Cloud and SaaS, and Len Rosenberg, ForeScout’s Commercial CTO and VP of Systems Engineering, the IoT is here to stay and security needs to be by design and not an afterthought. They also discuss what CISOs can do today to mitigate their exposure and what they should demand from IoT manufacturers.


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