Tokenization is helping render data theft obsolete. Jason Witty, US Bancorp EVP and CISO, is in the midst of completing a multi-year tokenization integration project, for which his team won the recent ISE North America Project of the Year Award in the Financial Services category.

He discussed the many benefits of tokenization with David Cass, Global CISO IBM Cloud & SaaS, including fraud prevention and the reduction of risk and the attack surface. They discuss how it is a complex process, which is “simple” to implement but difficult to adopt. Witty also touches on the many unintended business benefits.


What specific things should companies look at when it comes to security monitoring in 2017? As you’ll hear in this podcast, a lot of the security problems facing organizations from the late 1990s and early 2000s have yet to be solved.  David Cass, Global CISO IBM Cloud and SaaS, and Dr. Anton Chuvakin, research VP at Gartner’s Technical Professionals (GTP) Security and Risk Management Strategies team, discuss how security executives are still operationally challenged.

Chuvakin discusses how the technology landscape is changing but a lot of the challenges with the people themselves actually haven’t changed and the “old problems” haven’t been solved.  In this podcast, he talks to Cass about the essential things organizations should be looking at, including newer technology like User Behavior Analytics (UBA) as well as Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions.


As you’ll hear in part two of the conversation between David Cass, Global CISO IBM Cloud and SaaS, and Chris Roberts, Acalvio Chief Security Architect, threat detection technology is allowing enterprises to identify intruders quickly. In this sponsored podcast you’ll hear how this burgeoning field of cybersecurity is helping enterprises protect their perimeters and internal infrastructure while shortening the time to discovery. ​


Ensuring continuous compliance while reducing complexity is essential to bolstering security for many organizations, in particular, those that process credit card data.

In this Tufin-sponsored podcast, IBM’s David Cass talks with Monext’s Laurent Klefstad, Leader for Systems, Network and Telecom, about automated security policy orchestration and how it allows the French company to save time and money by reducing the complexity of its networks and firewalls.

Klefstad explains how Monext’s implementation of the Tufin solution provided Monext continuous compliance and the ability to reduce its firewall rules, of which there were about 3,000, by upwards of 20 percent.  He also talks ROI, staffing implications and business enablement.


It’s becoming an old adage: it isn’t a matter of if an attacker will infiltrate your network but when.  With that being the case and with research showing that attackers often reside on an enterprise’s network for many months doing reconnaissance and exfiltrating data before being identified what are and can enterprises do? The use of autonomous threat deception technologies to identify an intruder once inside the network is being adopted by enterprises seeking preventive and proactive to technologies.

As you’ll hear in this conversation with David Cass, Global CISO IBM Cloud and SaaS CISO, and Chris Roberts, Acalvio Chief Security Architect there has been a significant evolution in threat detection technology to allow enterprises to identify intruders quickly. In this sponsored podcast you’ll hear how a new dynamic and smart approach to traditional honeypots is helping enterprises by allowing them to immediately detect lateral movement, shortening the time to discovery.


In this interview Matt Hollcraft, Maxim Integrated CISO, discusses common threat vectors – what is old and what is new – with Dan Schiappa, SVP & GM, Sophos Enduser Security Group. They talk about ransomware, the mobile workforce, Internet of Things and hacking as a business.

In this sponsored podcast, you’ll also hear about approaches that enterprises can take to reduce threats, which are increasingly sophisticated and continuous.

In this conversation with Security Current podcast host David Cass, Global CISO IBM Cloud & SaaS, David Mahon, CenturyLink CSO, talks about the evolution of the CISO.

A seasoned security executive, with experience reporting to boards-of-directors, Mahon also provides guidance on how to present to a board. He also gives recommendations to current and aspiring CISOs on how to advance their careers.


The use of user behavior analytics (UBA) is at the forefront of technologies that CISOs are seeking for their security toolkits to help them identify that needle-in-a-haystack.

In this podcast sponsored by Exabeam, IBM’s David Cass talks with ADP’s V.Jay LaRosa about how UBA provides always on threat hunting to detect and thwart cyber attacks.

LaRosa discusses ADP’s selection and implementation of the UBA solution and how his team uses it to quickly and effectively identify potential anomalous behavior. He also talks ROI, staffing and why he wishes he had started sooner.


In this conversation, CISO David Cass and CTO Reuven Harrison discuss the journey to the cloud. They talk about increasing enterprise cloud adoption and hybrid environments. They also discuss the associated demand for automation of network security policy implementation across these hybrid cloud infrastructures.

In this sponsored podcast, you’ll hear how it is important to maintain business agility while securing applications in these increasingly diverse and complex networks.

You’ll also learn how automation and orchestration help ensure visibility and control across heterogeneous networks.


In this conversation, MIAX Options CSO John Masserini discusses the threat detection and response space with AlienVault President and CEO Barmak Meftah.

An early adopter of threat intelligence, Masserini notes its challenges and asks Meftah what AlienVault is seeing in the market and how threat intelligence is being integrated into companies’ security organizations.

Meftah talks about the need to efficiently aggregate information while noting that it is more important to synthesize the information to ensure it is easily consumable and actionable. He describes AlienVault’s crowdsourcing approach and how it is helping midsized enterpises centralize and simplify their threat detection and response. They were speaking in this sponsored podcast at the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas earlier this month.


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