“The Security Shark Tank® is bar none the best event for sourcing new and innovative technologies. Its unique format provides CISOs the opportunity to hear what their peers are asking and the responses. Its fast pace lends itself to an informative and enjoyable event.”
Matt Hollcraft, CISO, Maxim Integrated

Hosted and moderated by leading CISOs, Security Current’s exclusive Security Shark Tanks® allow CISOs to hear from cutting edge vendors, recommended by their peers, in an invitation-only informative and engaging forum.

Next stop: New York City, October 11.

Tomás Maldonado, Global CISO International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., will host the New York Shark Tank® where leading CISOs across industries will hear from selected solution providers of Aporeto, DFLabs, Meta Networks, Safe-T, and TrustMapp.

Read what other CISOs have to say on the Security Shark Tanks®:

“The Security Shark Tank® was an ideal venue as it provided exposure to multiple solution providers in a dynamic and informative question-and-answer session. The quality and diversity of thought leadership from so many security executives across industries brought value that you just can’t find elsewhere.”
Kevin McKenzie, CISO, Dollar Tree

“The Security Shark Tank® brought together a seasoned group of CISOs and innovative solution providers for a charged conversation on the latest technologies that help combat threats and safeguard our organizations. As CISOs we face similar risks so the opportunity to hear the perspectives of our colleagues is invaluable.”
Meg Anderson, CISO, Principal

“With the threat landscape continuously evolving and the field flooded with security vendors, the Security Shark Tank®’s two-way dialogue provides security executives the opportunity to cut through the noise while hearing the perspective of their peers. This is invaluable.”
BG Badriprasad, CSA, Ross Stores

“There is nothing out there for CISOs like the Security Shark Tank®. If a security executive is looking to hear insights from their peers while learning about innovative technologies this is the event for them. It is truly one of a kind in terms of the information value and enjoyment it delivers. I absolutely look forward to the next one.”
Tellis Williams, CISO, AXA Partners USA

“I thoroughly enjoyed this event. The ability to interact with and learn from both innovative solution providers and peers made it time well spent.”
Bradley Schaufenbuel, CISO, Paylocity

“Security Shark Tank® was an excellent opportunity for CISOs, providing exposure to multiple vendors in a rapid-fire format. Having so many qualified CISOs participate in the event allowed for some fantastic question-and-answer sessions. The diversity of thought leadership in the room brought by CISOs from so many industry sectors is really difficult to find in any other format. I personally was able to discover some new vendors that I am interested in continuing a conversation with because of Security Shark Tank®.”
Darren Death, CISO, ASRC Federal

“The Security Shark Tank® was a great opportunity to not only hear about some new ideas from companies, but also to hear what my peers were concerned about. I appreciated the variety of companies that presented – they weren’t all focused in just one ‘hot security’ area.”
Vanessa Pegueros, CISO, DocuSign