The Federal Government is increasing its oversight of federal contractors who gather and store information on its behalf. This is part of a trend in which data collection and storage regulations are constantly being tightened as cyber security becomes an ever-more important factor.

The U.S. Federal Government collects an ever-increasing amount of data and as it modernizes its systems, which have evolved significantly in recent years, legislation and regulation have also evolved to facilitate the ability to monitor and control access to the stored data.

I have just released a report on this issue via CISOs Connect. To get a copy of the report click on this link.

The report explains the repercussions of the new federal cybersecurity regulations.

Cybersecurity should be considered a strategic investment by the government contracting organization because a strong focus will serve to ensure that an organization is resilient and can withstand a cyber attack. An inability to do so could result in lost productivity, business disruption, intellectual property theft, and brand damage.

There must be close cooperation with organizations’ senior leadership to ensure that a cybersecurity program is properly supported as a strategic investment as this will help ensure that such initiatives receive the support and attention needed to meet government demands.

Follow the link to read more about this topic in the full report: “Aligning Corporate Executives with US Federal Government Regulations Associated with Contractor and Supply Chain Security Requirements.”