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Beyond Trust – Privileged Account Management for Federal Agencies

Agencies grant access privileges easily and out of necessity, but they struggle to manage these privileges as employees move throughout divisions. Revoking unnecessary access tends to be forgotten and the process of recertification of access privileges is error-prone, time consuming, or worse, forgotten. “Insider and privilege misuse” was identified by the 2014 Verizon Data Breach…

Trend Micro – Elastic Infrastructure Needs Elastic Security

Organizations are adopting virtualization and cloud technologies as a foundation for their strategic business growth. Whether they deploy private cloud, public cloud or hybrid architectures, this is where IT investments are going today and in the years ahead. The bulk of new IT spending by 2016 will be for cloud computing platforms and applications, with nearly half of large…

CYREN – Web Security at the Front Lines of Cyber Defense

Today’s Internet threat space is very dynamic. Globally there are thousands of malevolent actors disseminating hundreds of millions of threats each day.

Companies that are unprepared for these threats can suffer serious repercussions. The National Cyber Security Alliance has reported that roughly 60% of those companies go out of business within six months of a loss of data due to a security breach.