Selim Aissi, SVP and CSO, Ellie Mae

Posted on: 13 Mar 2019

For Selim Aissi, it is important to have a mix of industry, real-world security experience, along with the innate ability to deal with most critical security incidents both at the execution-level as well as within the leadership and board of director ranks, to be an effective cybersecurity leader. As a company executive, the CSO should…

The link between self-control and security

Posted on: 13 Mar 2019

It’s no secret that all it takes is the weakest human link to compromise a company’s cybersecurity. To mitigate this risk, companies need to understand their employees’ habits and behaviors; they need to be aware of their people’s self-control levels when implementing security programs. In a study of 6,000 participants in the Netherlands, a team…

Pravin Madhani, CEO, K2 Cyber Security

Posted on: 06 Mar 2019

Scaling mountains It’s no coincidence that Pravin Madhani’s company K2 was named after the second-highest mountain in the world. “Imagine looking at a mountain from the base,” he says. “You are impressed by its sheer size but you also realize how daunting it is to climb it.” There is fear in your heart. “Will it…

Joel Rosenblatt, Director – Network/ Computer Security, Columbia Univ.

Posted on: 05 Mar 2019

At Columbia University, the 40,000 or so students who use the university network are responsible for fixing their own computers once they are suspected of being compromised. Their computers are taken off the network right away – and the students are left with little choice but to act on their problem themselves. “I believe in…

What would the enemy do?

Posted on: 27 Feb 2019

To better train and prepare their company’s employees for cyber attacks, CISOs need to put themselves in the attackers’ shoes to anticipate their motives, means and actions. In a KnowBe4 webinar last week, hacker turned pentesting professional Kevin Mitnick talked about real-life cases of human vulnerability that threat actors could exploit for their benefit and…

Yaniv Bardayan, CEO, Vulcan

Posted on: 25 Feb 2019

Vulcan CEO Yaniv Bardayan has a special standard for hiring members of his team. “I don’t just hire anyone,” he says. “I look for people who are 20 times smarter, 20 times more talented and 20 times more capable than I am. I give them the authority to execute the business and market theses – which we have created from gathering various impressions – in a manner…

Milinda Rambel Stone, CISO, Provation Medical

Posted on: 24 Feb 2019

It’s not easy being a woman in a profession mostly dominated by men. But Provation Medical CISO Milinda Rambel Stone says one of the secrets of her success is to radiate confidence about her skills and knowledge. “You have to remind yourself that you are as skilled and as good as any other,” she says. “And…

Must-Have Skills for CISOs

Posted on: 18 Feb 2019

Must-have skills for CISOs CISOs ConnectDownload

Christine Vanderpool, CISO, Florida Crystals

Posted on: 14 Feb 2019

Christine Vanderpool was happy to take on a new job as CISO of Florida Crystals six months ago for two reasons. First, she was tired of shoveling snow – “I am not a winter person,” she says. More importantly, she wanted to build a security program from the ground up so that she could develop…

Security Shark Tank® Chicago 2019

Posted on: 13 Feb 2019

Security Shark Tank® Chicago 2019 will be hosted by Richard Rushing, CISO of Motorola Mobility. More information coming soon!