Angel Redoble

FVP & Chief Information Security Officer

ePLDT Group, PLDT Group and Smart Communications

COVID-19 and the Digital Pandemic

Posted on: 23 May 2020

by Angel T. Redoble* and Francisco Ashley L. Acedillo** Introduction In May 2019, a Chinese government-sponsored hacking group was reported to be targeting unidentified entities across the Philippines. By year’s end 2019, the Philippines was ranked number 12 among the top 20 countries where users face the greatest risk of online infection. One anti-malware company…

Don’t look for talent. Create it instead.

Posted on: 28 Feb 2019

Some people establish organizations because they want to build something big, or want recognition. But in 2013 when I established the Philippine Institute of Cybersecurity Professionals, I was coming from a different place: Disappointment and anger. At that time I had just come back home from a security consulting stint in Spain. When I got…