Charles Kolodgy

Senior Security Strategist


Security as a Proactive Business Tool

Posted on: 15 Nov 2013

IT security is a complicated issue.  However, the focus on what security can do, can’t do, and how it is perceived, ordinarily is narrow.  Generally, managers deal with security in silos.  When a threat exists or appears, the manager’s answer is to use a product as a defensive response, or to add a security policy/procedure…

Defending Against Custom Malware: The Rise of STAP

Posted on: 23 Oct 2013

How do you defend against something that’s never been seen before?  That’s the key question organizations struggle with.  A decade ago, the first victims of any worm or virus outbreak had difficulty defending against a brand-new threat, leaving resources vulnerable until the attack could be detected and signatures created.  Today the ultimate problem is the…