Matt Comyns

Managing Partner, Cyber Security Practice

The Caldwell Partners

How to Write a Great CISO Resume – Know What to Include

Posted on: 25 Sep 2018

Managing Partner, Caldwell Partners The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) job has changed significantly in the last couple of years. It has historically been more of a lower-level, tactical IT…

How to Talk About Salary When Looking for a New Job

Posted on: 27 Jul 2018

Looking for a new job can be thrilling and stress-inducing at the same time. You want an opportunity that will challenge you and help you grow, but the process of…

Create Better Career Opportunities – Manage Your Reputation

Posted on: 04 Jun 2018

You might be perfectly happy in your job right now, but at some point in your career, you might decide that it’s time for a change. Or perhaps your company…