Zeus Kerravala

Founder and Principal Analyst

ZK Research

The Digital Business Era Brings New Security Rules

Posted on: 11 Apr 2016

It has been well documented across business and technical publications that we are entering the digital business era, which creates new ways of doing business. This type of evolutionary step has been seen many times before when mainframe computing gave way to the PC, which then yielded, to the Internet era.  New tools and technologies fueled…

Check Point’s Sandblast Is a New Approach to the Sandbox

Posted on: 05 Oct 2015

It’s been said that in life there are only two things that are inevitable – death and taxes.  However, if you’re in the cyber security business, I’d like to add a third item to the list and that is that hackers will always find a way to stay ahead of security technology. We build firewalls,…

Gigamon’s Security Delivery Platform Shifts the Focus of Security to Identification and Remediation

Posted on: 21 Jul 2015

Gigamon on Tuesday launched its GigaSECURE architecture; what it calls the security market’s first Security Delivery Platform (SDP). Gigamon is a market leader in visibility platforms that provide pervasive information of network traffic, users and applications to network management tools.  The visibility platform is a “fabric” that processes and analyzes data and then delivers it to different management…