Security Current is proud to announce a call for nominations for the CISO Choice Awards™ 2021, a first of its kind awards as a Board of CISO Judges select security companies based on real-world perspectives.

The CISO Choice Awards will recognize the leaders in key technology and business categories. The winning security companies will receive the industry’s first CISO Board validation.

Deadline of entries: September 24, 2021
2021/09/24 23:59:59

Following are the categories (click for a description and information on the submission fee. You may submit to multiple categories, each with their own fee):

Established vendor or start-up
Within 2 years of general availability

Are partnering with enterprises, current customers and new clients, to meet today’s remote work challenges

From next-generation firewall hardware appliances to cloud-traffic analysis, network security is the biggest security vendor space and the first line of defense against attacks.
Endpoint security includes the vendors that provide anti-malware solutions, endpoint monitoring or Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), configuration management, server monitoring and protection, and even vulnerability management and container security. This category includes mobile device security vendors.
Encryption and key management are the primary components of the data security category. Also included are Digital Rights Management (DRM), Information Rights Management (IRM), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), data discovery and classification.
IAM includes all of the authenticators, from 2FA to typing patterns and biometrics. It also includes the identity stores, and directory services.
GRC is a broad category, usually dealing with measuring and reporting risk in a way that is compatible with various compliance regimes.
Fraud prevention is of particular interest to financial services and ecommerce buyers. Customer behavior, reputation, and CAPTCHAs are included in this category.
This category includes platforms that combine and rationalize feeds as well as those vendors that use open source intelligence, Dark Web monitoring, and Domain Name System (DNS) to create those feeds.
Email is a separate category because it crosses the bounds of endpoint, network, and data. It includes email encryption as well as anti-spam, anti-phishing, blocking business email compromise and outbound email security.
Threat hunting, correlation, visualization, graph analysis are all included in this category. All are used to help the SOC engineer do their job.
There are security vendors that focus on network, endpoint, GRC, and data security for the billions of devices deployed as CCTV, conference phones, and industrial equipment. Some specialize in industry verticals such as automotive, or energy.
All the tools for code analysis, putting apps in containers, and hardening apps, etc.
There are primarily two types of vendors in cloud security. Those that serve their solution from the cloud, or SaaS, instead of an on-premises license and those that offer protections for cloud workloads including firewalls, WAFs, and encryption.
MSSPs manage security devices for their customers. They collect logs, alerts mitigate and provide reporting. Sometimes they specialize in managed SIEM.
Risk management solutions which often are part of GRC track a collection of criteria and create risk scores for projects, companies, and suppliers. They make it easier to assess potential 3rd and 4th party risk while translating into various compliance regimes with extensive documentation.
The plethora of scanning tools that identify when a vulnerable application or Operating System (OS) is deployed.
Security Operations includes SOAR, Orchestration, and tools to enable the SOC.
Onsite or virtual simulation training exercises or educational videos and information security awareness and training.

Visionary Vendor

USD 500

Premier Security Company

USD 500

Startup Security Company (For companies 2 years general available)

USD 300

Partner in Success

USD 500

All Technology Categories

USD 400


Who can submit?

 Security, privacy and risk vendors, MSSPs can submit directly or via their PR/marketing firms. VCs also can submit on behalf of their investments.

How do I submit my entry(ies)?

The Board of Judges’ questions can be found here:

Is there a fee to submit?

Yes. Your fees help fund the awards. The fees will increase with each deadline.

Can I pay now and submit later?

Yes. You can remit payment and submit prior to the deadline (regular, late and final).

Can I submit to multiple categories?

Yes. You can submit to as many categories as are relevant.

For questions and clarifications, reach out to us!

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