Gina Mahin is a problem solver. It’s just part of her DNA. She puts that quality to work every day for the clients and partners of Lynx Technology Partners, where she is both CEO and role-model for her technical teams.

Mahin explains the work at Lynx Technology Partners. “We are a cybersecurity and risk management solutions provider, and we support organizations in all aspects of managing solid and secure systems and programs. What that means is, helping our clients and partners in developing policies and procedures, understanding the execution of compliance programs, and enabling them to facilitate a strong security posture through people, processes, and technology.

In risk management, we link cybersecurity to the actual practicality of how businesses measure risk. Regardless of your chosen business, understanding IT risk and assessing and mitigating that risk will increase network security, reduce management costs, and allow you to achieve greater compliance. Corporate leaders who fail to realize this simple fact are vulnerable to catastrophic security breaches and financial losses down the road.”

Delivering this corporate mission is a tall order for someone who didn’t start her career in IT or cybersecurity. Mahin studied accounting and business administration at Rutgers University. Her first professional job involved enterprise software. Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Process Re-engineering enabled organizations to improve communication to make better decisions for the realization of their goals.

Mahin supported many large international companies like Schlumberger, Unilever, Cargill, Philips Electronics, and TRW but also provided insight to smaller, entrepreneurial organizations that were closer to start-up mode. “I really enjoyed the smaller companies, because I was able to be more hands-on with solving challenges for the customers,” says Mahin. That desire to be “hands-on” guided her in a new direction.

When making the shift of focus to cybersecurity, she says, “I was a product vendor, selling cross-domain solutions, and wanted to understand more about how my technology was being applied and helping customers. My path was clear: obtain a security clearance and get involved as a service provider. As a service provider, I am able to participate and understand the thought leadership involved in challenges that customers face when making everyday business decisions concerning evolving security threats.”

For the past 12 years, Mahin has been highly-focused on cybersecurity and risk management. She made the shift by leading projects in support of the Federal government, including the intelligence community and federal civilian agencies, and the Department of Defense.

“I realized that my efforts were now helping protect our borders and military. We are fighting a global war against terror. The technology that we provide and people we support are serving and protecting our freedom. My career adopted a new meaning as I realized that my work is contributing to our national safety and well-being,” says Mahin.

And she doesn’t take that responsibility lightly. “My philosophy is, always execute flawlessly. You have to walk the talk. Your words are commitments and must be trusted covenants that you make with your customers. That is a fundamental principle that I live by and ensure that everyone on my team at Lynx takes as their credo. We have an outstanding track record, because of our honesty and loyalty as we strive to over deliver,” says Mahin.

“When we take a customer’s mission, it becomes our own, and we will succeed,” Mahin stresses. “The people on our team are retired military and understand the concept of Mission First. We have an atmosphere of comradery that fosters a team-building work ethic that promotes an on-time effective delivery method. We are transparent and face obstacles together to defeat all challenges in providing customer satisfaction.” This is the way Mahin runs Lynx Technology Partners. She is a problem solver, and her team and customers know and rely on it.

Mahin lives in northern Virginia with her husband of 18 years and 12 year-old daughter.