While cybersecurity is dynamic, there are things that are constant. These are the skills that every CISO must have to be successful, whatever the organization and industry, today and in the foreseeable future.

In this latest Security Current/ CISOs Connect report, ASRC Federal’s CISO Darren Death combines previous research and his own findings to provide practical advice on how CISOs can use ten must-have skills in daily corporate settings to do their jobs better and secure their environments.

The skills range from communication and presentation, policy development and administration, political skills, knowledge and understanding of the business and its mission, collaboration and conflict management, planning and strategic management, supervisory skills, incident management, knowledge of regulation and compliance with standards, to risk assessment and management.

Implementation will differ based on the CISO’s background and personality, and on the needs and appetites of the organization and its leaders. Still, these ten top skills ensure a high likelihood of achieving security goals.