Security Current, an information and collaboration company by CISOs for CISOs, today named Dtex Systems the winner of its Security Shark Tank® competition.  The event was held during the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas and brought technology providers face-to-face with security experts.

Six cutting edge security vendors were given 15 minutes each to get the attention of a panel of CISOs from leading organizations.   The CISOs are seeking innovative technologies to help protect against today’s increasing threats.

The CISO panel included:
Elsevier CISO David Cass

MIAX Options CSO John Masserini

LCRA CSO Larry Whiteside Jr.


Hearst CISO David Hahn

GHC CISO Ray Hawkins

Sterling National Bank CISO & Risk Officer, SVP Charles Tango

The Home Depot CISO Jamil Farschi

Pitney Bowes Director of Product Security Wes Kirschner

Visa Senior Director of Cybersecurity Ben Carr

Conde Nast CISO, VP Network and Telecom Craig Holland

The Climate Corporation Security Executive Carolyn Lear

Surescripts LLC CISO Paul Calatayud

Gaikai Director of Security Geoff Poer

“As I continue my participation in the Security Shark Tank it has been a great opportunity to see the innovative approaches and products that these security startups are bringing to market,” said David Cass, Elsevier’s CISO and the event moderator.  “The Security Shark Tank® gives CISOs the opportunity to interact with the security startups and provide a two-way dialogue about what they are doing as a startup and what we see as practitioners in the field. Events like this foster an ongoing opportunity for large organizations to work with innovative organizations that we may not have otherwise been exposed to.”

LCRA’s CSO, Larry Whiteside Jr., added: “The Security Shark Tank® is a valuable event providing CISOs the opportunity to hear about the latest security technologies in an engaging and effective environment. With the threat landscape continuously changing and so many security vendors in the field, events like the Security Shark Tank® let CISOs hear about some of the latest security technologies, helping us protect our enterprises. I congratulate all of the vendors and Dtex for rising to the top of those vendors.”

The judges scored the vendors on:

  • Innovation/Vision: Are they doing something that has not been done before
  • Ease of Use: Are they easy to integrate into the existing infrastructure
  • Clarity: Are they able to easily relay their value proposition
  • Value to the Industry: How important is the problem they are solving

“Security Current’s Security Shark Tank® competition allowed some 20 CISOs to come together to get insight into new and up-and-coming security vendors. Protecting our organizations is paramount for all of us and the competition provided information on a variety of technologies being used to combat today’s increasing cyber attacks. As security executives we look forward to continuing to have innovative and collaborative events like the Security Shark Tank®,” said FLEETCOR CISO Wayne Proctor.

Security Current improves the way security, privacy and risk executives around the world collaborate to protect their organizations and their information. Its CISO-driven proprietary content and events provide insight, actionable advice and analysis giving executives the latest information to make knowledgeable decisions. Its key contributors include Hearst’s David Hahn, Miami International Holdings’ John J. Masserini, Elsevier’s David Cass, BBDO’s David Sheidlower, Molson Coors’ Christine Vanderpool, LCRA’s Larry Whiteside Jr., and Virginia Tech’s Randy Marchany.

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