The role of the CISO is evolving. It is no longer restricted to the technical aspects of ensuring that the organization is protected from external and internal attacks, and is no longer confined just to the IT room.

With cybersecurity becoming more and more a strategic business issue, CISOs find themselves stepping up to the role of communicator. They need to reach out to both the decision makers of the organization – members of the board and the C-suite executives – as well as the rest of the team in various units and departments.

Getting the message across that cybersecurity is a vital business concern is a formidable and challenging task. Depending on the depth and scope of a cybersecurity breach, the organization can suffer lower morale, financial and reputational losses, and even operational disruption. Preventing an attack is paramount and requires the efforts of the entire organization.

Unfortunately, many people have yet to hear, much less appreciate, just why cybersecurity is important. This is where the CISO comes in. The CISO needs to secure the buy-in of the board and steer the direction of the company. It is therefore vital that the board appreciates and supports the cybersecurity initiatives that the CISO proposes.

Because top officials have many concerns on their radar, it is up to the CISO to make presentations that get superiors on board the cybersecurity program. Equally important is the cooperation of the rest of the organization, without which the best cybersecurity programs will be just that — plans.

This report, sponsored by Lynx Technology Partners, provides practical tips and guidelines for CISOs from other CISOs who are proven effective communicators. Those who adapt well to the evolving role and changing demands of the CISO will have a better chance at success.

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