A CISO’s Guide to Phishing and Malware examines real-world examples of advanced targeted attacks via email and social media to show how these evolving threats are increading an organization’s business risks.

Cybercrime is very much a B2B affair with surging returns on investment. From a business perspective, there is always a number associated with a breach. For example, Columbia University calculates every exposed Social Security number costs organizations $195. This number represents only a fraction of the total cost; losses to the breached companies, the people whose data has been stolen, and to society as a whole aren’t easily measured.

More specifically, this book explores attack vectors such as email, in particular, the Business Email Compromise (BEC) that are being exploited as never before.

It also presents ways CISOs can confront those increasing risks and offers best practices for articulating the value of these tools to the C-suite.

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