F5 Networks has acquired privately held cloud-based distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation provider Defense.Net for an undisclosed sum, according to a press release.

F5 said it took the move to complement its existing on-premise DDoS protection capabilities. The Defense.Net service, founded by Barrett Lyon who is known as a pioneer in the field of DDoS mitigation for the enterprise, supports multiple protocols and features for remediation and control.

“Sophisticated DDoS attacks combine high volume traffic-clogging with stealthy low and slow application-targeted techniques,” said John Grady, Research Manager for Security Products at IDC. “These hybrid attacks will increasingly cause serious disruption for organizations. A defense-in-depth strategy for DDoS takes a combined approach that incorporates on-premises appliances for detecting and mitigating mid-volume, SSL, or application-targeted attacks, while a cloud scrubbing facility stops the volumetric attacks that are dozens of gigabits in bandwidth from even reaching the enterprise network.”

F5 said  that the acquisition was not expected to have a material impact on its operating results.

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