At the bottom of yesterday’s post on General Alexander’s extended interview with The Australian Financial Review, Glenn Greenwald appended:

“The release date for my book on the NSA, privacy, and our reporting of the surveillance story, No Place to Hide, is next Tuesday, May 13, at which time all of the previously unpublished NSA documents that are reported on in the book will be placed online, with free access, at the book’s website.”

Greenwald has been one of a handful of people, which apparently do not include anyone at the NSA, who has full knowledge of the trove of Snowden documents. From his comment above he draws on at least some previously undisclosed documents in his new book. He has had almost a year to hear all the arguments from the government and presumably he addresses many of them in the book. To do so he will have to refer to documents that he will be releasing on May 13, 2014.

Cryptome, is keeping a tally of published Snowden documents here. Their count:

“Tally now *1,399 pages of The Guardian first reported 58,000 files”

Which amounts to 2.4% of the original claims.

Greenwald may add a significant amount to that tally on Tuesday. Look for a flood of reporting as few researchers will have access to Greenwald’s books until a couple of weeks from now, but they will be scanning through the newly published documents online to glean a better understanding of the NSA’s surveillance activities.

Now that Greenwald’s book will be available I can start work on my own book; working title:  How The Surveillance State Changes IT Security Forever.

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