Security Current today named SentinelOne the winner of its inaugural Security High Stakes competition.  The event was held at the RSA Conference in San Francisco and brought technology providers face-to-face with security experts.

Six cutting edge security vendors were given 15 minutes each to get the attention of a panel of 20 CISOs from leading organizations. The CISOs are always looking for new technologies to help protect against today’s increasing threats.

The CISO panel included:

  • Hearst CISO David Hahn
  • LCRA CSO Larry Whiteside Jr.
  • Elsevier CISO David Cass
  • Synchrony Financial CISO Daniel Conroy
  • State Auto Insurance CISO David Todd
  • DirecTV CISO Karthik Swarnam
  • Aetna CISO Jim Routh
  • Perdue Farms CISO Tunde Oni-Daniel
  • Barnabas Health CISO Hussein Syed
  • City of San Diego CISO Gary Hayslip
  • Deutsche Boerse CISO Frank Fischer
  • ADP VP Global Technical Security Services Devon Bryan
  • Oppenheimer CISO Henry Jiang
  • Former Freddie Mac CISO Patricia Titus
  • SEC Director, Security Risk Analytics Carlos Edwards
  • Corning Credit Union Security Head Mike Saurbaugh
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense Security Director Chris Carpenter

“We wanted to create an event where we asked the vendors to bring their CTO or CEO (no sales) to a focused audience (CISOs) to really explain what they had to offer and how it solves big problems.  We also wanted to give a chance for CISOs to turn the tables and throw out lots of questions at vendors to see how they held up.  I think both vendors and CISOs came away with more knowledge and also had some fun with it,” said David Hahn, Hearst’s CISO and the event moderator.

LCRA’s CSO, Larry Whiteside Jr., added: “It is a crowded field of security vendors and as CISOs responsible for protecting our enterprises it is critical that we can cut through the noise to hear about the latest security technologies. Security Current’s High Stakes competition did just that — got cutting edge vendors in front of us. I congratulate SentinelOne for rising to the top of those vendors.”

The judges scored the vendors on:

  • Innovation/Vision: Are they doing something that has not been done before
  • Ease of Use: Are they easy to integrate into the existing infrastructure
  • Clarity: Are they able to easily relay their value proposition
  • Value to the Industry: How important is the problem they are solving

“Security Current’s High Stakes competition at RSA allowed nearly two dozen CISOs to get insight into new and up-and-coming companies. The competition covered endpoint, network, and education vendors. Quite honestly, they all had a compelling product and it made it hard to choose. However, SentinelOne stood out the most and clearly has something special in the endpoint protection space,” said Mike Saurbaugh, who leads security at Corning Credit Union.

Security Current improves the way security, privacy and risk executives around the world collaborate to protect their organizations and their information. Its CISO-driven proprietary content and events provide insight, actionable advice and analysis giving executives the latest information to make knowledgeable decisions. Its key contributors include Hearst’s David Hahn, Miami International Holdings’ John J. Masserini, Elsevier’s David Cass, BBDO’s David Sheidlower, Molson Coors’ Christine Vanderpool, LCRA’s Larry Whiteside Jr., Corning Credit Union’s, Mike Saurbaugh, Virginia Tech’s Randy Marchany, and lawyer and security & privacy expert Mark Rasch. For more information visit

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