Verizon Communications Enterprise Solutions last week launched a new Verizon Cyber Intelligence Center (VCIC) to offer organizations advanced incident response and detection capabilities.

The VCIC will offer global organizations advanced warning of potential cyber-attacks as well as provide information necessary to assess and respond to cyber-threats, said Chris Porter, leader of the Verizon RISK team and a senior security analyst at Verizon Business Security Solutions.

The actionable intelligence would be delivered to Verizon’s managed and professional security services clients in a variety of verticals.

This allows security teams at enterprises, regardless of how large or sophisticated they are, to shift the heavy load of security analytics and intelligence to Verizon while focusing on the more immediate tasks of protecting their sensitive data, said Porter. Verizon’s security analysts will review intelligence gathered from all around the world and offer a range of services including analytics, threat protection, monitoring, incident forensics, and identity management.

VCIC will have dedicated analysts with access to a vast array of threat data from around the world, including 61 billion network security events that are collected from Verizon’s global IP backbone, thousands of service engagement and investigations which eventually wind up in the Data Breach Investigations Report, big data analytics, threat management tools, and the information stored in the VERIS framework for cyber-incidents.

“Our new Cyber Intelligence Center will provide clients with a powerful weapon in safeguarding vital company information, intellectual property and customer data,” said Eddie Schwartz, vice president of Global Security Solutions for Verizon Enterprise Solutions in a statement.

“The realities of today’s threat landscape require enterprises to focus on understanding the business context of an attack, and taking direct remediative action,” Schwartz said.

Fahmida Y. Rashid is an accomplished security journalist and technologist. She is a regular contributor for several publications including where she is a networking and security analyst.  She also was a senior writer at eWeek where she covered security, core Internet infrastructure and open source. As well, she was a senior technical editor at CRN Test Center reviewing open source, storage, and networking products. 

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